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HABA Squalane II Beauty Oil 60mL

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HABA Japan's product

1. HABA’s original squalane oil formulated with plant.

2.  The plant-derived squalane provides a smooth and light feel on your skin.

3.  The function of squalane contained in this new product is the same as that of the SQUALANE (shark liver-derived squalane).


・  Excellent in skin permeability, squalane is colorless, odorless, harmless, and gentle on the skin.

・  Exfoliating action: Softens skin by preventing hardening of keratin, and metabolizes dead cells smoothly.

・  Skin respiration stimulant action: Stimulates skin respiration to activate metabolism.

・  Assimilation effect: Assimilates into sebum in the epidermis. The skin's natural ability also helps squalane spontaneously emulsify the moisture provided to the skin.

・  Vehicle effect: Helps other products used together (toner, etc.) penetrate deep into the skin, much like a vehicle transports luggage. Softening effect: Makes skin thinner and softener. It is considered a natural skin softener.

・  With great resistance to high temperature, this oil will not easily oxidize or change in quality.

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