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HABA Squalane Beauty Oil 60mL

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HABA Japan's product

HABA Squalane represents HABA’s “non-additive” philosophy.  

It is a dry and smooth beauty oil that is gentle to skin.

Protects and replenishes skin damaged by dryness, irritation, and UV exposure.


Squalane is a natural, safe, stable, colorless and odorless oil with superior skin-penetrating power.

Epidermal Renewal Function: Prevents dead skin cells from hardening, softens skin, and allows dead skin to be removed smoothly.

Skin Respiration Function: Promotes cutaneous respiration to activate skin metabolism

Sebum Emulsifying Function: Blends with sebum on skin surface and can be rinsed with water to naturally cleanse the skin.

Vehicle Effect: Squalane helps ingredients in other products (e.g., HABA G-Lotion) to better penetrate the skin.

Softening Effect: Naturally softens skin and makes it supple.

Stable and Hardy: Does not break down, deteriorate, or oxidize, even under high temperatures

SQUALANE is the only oil that remains liquid while saturated (e.g. vegetable oil becomes margarine when saturated; animal oils become lard when saturated; other common oils solidify when saturated).

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